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Laboratory Technician


  Program Description


Thompson Road Campus
6820 Thompson Road, Syracuse NY
Phone:  (315) 433-2635

Working in a high-tech medical laboratory environment, students enrolled in the two-year Laboratory Technician program will acquire the knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for positions as entry-level laboratory assistants and phlebotomists or advanced placement in post-secondary education. Students gain practical learning experience performing clinical laboratory testing on specimens, as well as the collection of specimens, writing reports and presenting information in a state-of-the-art, real-world laboratory setting. 

As a career link, established partnerships with many local businesses and medical facilities provide students with internships and potential future employment opportunities. In addition, students have the opportunity to earn a Career and Technical Endorsement on their diploma by successfully passing an industry-standard technical assessment.


Technical Skills
  • Performing clinical laboratory testing on specimens
  • Preparation of specimens for testing
  • Data recording & analysis
  • Demonstration of appropriate laboratory techniques & procedures
  • Operation & maintenance of medical lab equipment
  • Presenting results & findings
  • Technical writing for reports, projects, reviews & summaries
  • Training in phlebotomy
Available Academic Credits
  • 3 CTE per year
  • 1 science or math per year
Career Opportunities 
  • Medical laboratory scientist*
  • Forensic science technician*
  • Biological technician*
  • Chemical technician*
  • Food science technician*
  • Environmental specialist*
  • Microbiologist*
  • Research laboratory technician*
  • Veterinary technician*
  • Phlebotomist*
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Pathology laboratory technician*
  • Biomedical technician*


*Advanced Employment - additional training may be necessary
Continuing Education Partners
  • Tompkins Cortland Community College
  • Broome Community College
  • Onondaga Community College