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Welding Technology


  Program Description


Thompson Road Campus
6820 Thompson Road, Syracuse NY
Phone:  (315) 433-2635

Cortlandville Campus (Cortland)
1710 NYS Route 13, Cortland NY
Phone:  (607) 758-5260

Skilled welding technicians have multiple employment options and are a vital link in the manufacturing, construction and facilities maintenance industry. As a two-year program, Welding Technology provides students the skills of arc welding, resistance welding, brazing and soldering, as well as cutting, heat-treating and metallurgy. Students gain knowledge of electrical systems, power sources and different welding technologies, welding systems, print interpretation and measurement, as well as the use and interpretation of visual symbols related to welding.

This course will give the student knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for positions as an entry-level welder or advanced placement in post-secondary education. Work-based learning sites are developed in the second year to allow the opportunity to intern at many local businesses. Students are provided with internship experiences, the opportunity to earn industry-recognized AWS certifications and a Career and Technical Endorsement on their diploma by successfully passing an industry-standard technical assessment.


Technical Skills
  • Arc welding
  • Metal inert gas welding
  • Tungsten inert gas welding
  • Brazing
  • Soldering
  • Metallurgy
  • Welding print reading
  • Heat treating
  • Flame cutting 
Available Academic Credits
  • 3 CTE per year
  • 1 science or math per year
Industry Certification
  • AWS
  • OSHA
Career Opportunities 
  • Welding technician
  • Structural welder
  • Maintenance welder
  • Assembler tack welder
  • Production welder*
  • Construction welder*
  • Welding inspector*
  • TIG/MIG welder*
  • Fabricator welder*
  • Reactor welder*
  • Welding machine operator*
  • Welding engineer*
  • Underwater welder* 


*Advanced Employment - additional training may be necessary
Continuing Education Partners
  • Morrisville State College
  • SUNY Delhi
  • SUNY Alfred